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Air conditioning: is it bad or good?

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Summer has arrived, temperatures rise and the air conditioning often becomes a faithful friend that saves us from the hottest hours of the day . But are we sure that the use of the air conditioner is really a cure-all? Headache, bone pain, throat discomfort are just some of the contraindications associated with excessive exposure to artificially refrigerated air. Let’s give the floor to the experts to find out more.

For the elderly – we read on – ​​air conditioning can save lives . In communities with more air conditioners, there are 17 percent fewer hospitalizations for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases among those over 65 than in communities with fewer air conditioners. In a retirement home in Florida, the temperature rose to 31 ° C in 4 days of breaking the air conditioning system: 21 out of 89 patients had an episode of hyperpyrexia with heat fever over 38 ° C and 5 died.

At work, thanks to air conditioning, productivity losses are avoided , we read more on The ideal temperature is 20 ° C, researchers from the National University of Singapore have shown. At 24 ° C, productivity drops by 15 percent and errors increase by 25 percent. The direct jet of the air conditioning vents, however, can cause tracheitis , bronchitis , stiff neck , ear infections, head and back pain . There is also the risk ofbacterial pneumonia growing in the filters of old appliances. Excessive dehumidificationair can be associated with eye discomfort, itching and redness especially for those who stare at the PC screen for a long time or wear soft contact lenses that tend to dry out. In summer, office colds tripled : to avoid them, between the ambient temperature and the external one, there must be no more than 7 ° C.

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Bones, muscles and joints are especially at risk when abused with sudden changes in temperature and with exposure to too direct air jets. Sore throat, cough and, in more serious cases, bronchitis , but also stiff neck, headache and back painmay arise. Here’s how to avoid these risks: it is important to use the air conditioner avoiding leaving it on continuously , but reserving its use during the hottest hours. Turn it on for a few hours, for example in the late morning and late afternoon, near meals, to refresh the rooms without exaggerating. Use it in moderation: just adjust the system keeping about 4-5 degrees of deviation from the outside temperature .

Air conditioners, let’s learn how to use them without waste.

With the scorching heat, with the heat, and in particular circumstances and places (think of a working day with temperatures around 40 degrees), it becomes impossible to give up the use of the air conditioner .

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In fact, double waste lurks in the wrong use of the air conditioner . Of money , which we pay in the bill with energy consumption flying (and the air conditioner is a “heavy” appliance from this point of view). Of health , because the cold air into the house during the summer season also brings bronchitis, cough , asthma and even obesity .

The air conditioner is now a consumer household appliance as almost 40 percent of Italians have one and 90 percent of public offices are equipped with appliances of this type. In addition, technology has made enormous strides in terms of energy saving : a class A ++ appliance reduces energy consumption, and therefore the cost in the bill, by a third compared to a lower class air conditioner.

TO DEEPEN: Air conditioning, is it bad or good?

But, how do you use the conditioner without waste and without damage to health ?

To begin with, it is good to know that a single system has a consumption of between 400 and 600 kilowatt hours for about 500 hours of operation: this means that the use of the air conditioner must therefore take place only when actually necessary.