Damaged Air Conditioner in Houston TX? Here is What You Need To Do!

Correctly selected and installed, air conditioners can operate for many years. However, any complex equipment has weak points. If the apartment’s air conditioner breaks down, then the level of comfort immediately decreases – repairs will be required. It is best to entrust it to the HVAC specialists, but you can deal with it yourself with minor problems. If, for example, the cover of the air conditioner has broken, then it is quite possible to find this spare part on sale and change it.

Find A 24/7 Air Conditioning Repair in Houston TX Service Contractor Quickly


When choosing a company or an air conditioner repair HVAC specialist, pay attention to the work deadline. Usually, repair services should be provided 24/7, and the deadline for work is not within 24 hours. Nobody wants you to have to suffer from the heat. Keep in mind that only the new spare parts will allow the equipment to return to the full range of functions and extend its service life for a long time.


Reviews about the master

You can make it easier to find a wizard by asking the company for a recommendation. Ask about the experience of the master. A reliable air conditioner repair company will provide a list of their satisfied customers and links to feedback on the work of the master.


Choose only an experienced specialist

An experienced air conditioner repair technician will determine if parts need to be replaced or if they can be repaired. The technician will also find out if cleaning the device will help fix the problem.

Things You Need To Check Your AC For Obvious Damaged

The most common signs of a breakdown in the climate system are:

  • fluid flow;
  • presence of uncharacteristic sounds;
  • spontaneous shutdown;
  • a feeling of unpleasant pungent odors;
  • condensation on the case of the indoor or outdoor unit;
  • poor cooling or heating.


Fluid leaks are caused by a blockage in the drain pan or drain hose.

If there are abnormal sounds, turn off the air conditioner immediately. Possible causes of noise: damage to the bearing, contamination of the heat exchanger or its filter, leakage of the pipeline, lack of reliable fastening of parts.


The spontaneous shutdown can occur for the following reasons: overheating of the compressor, malfunction of the control board, clogging of the compressor or evaporator filters, failure of the fan of the outdoor unit.


Unpleasant odors can occur due to the appearance of mold and an increase in the number of dangerous bacteria, the absence of a siphon in the drainage line.

Condensation on the casing of the indoor unit may appear due to a clogged drain line, contamination of the indoor unit’s evaporator filter, and installation of the unit without observing the required angle of inclination.


Poor operation of the climate system occurs due to contamination of filters and the fan of the indoor unit, the heat exchanger of the indoor and outdoor units, as well as due to the breakdown of the fan of the indoor and outdoor units, four-way valve, compressor, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors.


Reason Why You Should To Hire A Houston TX Air Conditioning Specialist Than DIY AC Repair

You can try to do AC’s services by yourself (if your air conditioner supports error codes). But in any case, you need a professional to get an estimate and repair. But if you try to do services by yourself, you may lose warranty service in the future (if it has not ended yet). But the most important thing is that you can only aggravate the problem since the air conditioner is a complex technical system.


It can lead to the fact that you still have to call a specialist, but repairs will be much more expensive. There are also known cases when people try to subdue the air conditioner on their own, but they break it completely in the same way. If you do not want to buy a new air conditioner or pay more than necessary, then call an HVAC specialist immediately, without delay.